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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.  

If your question is not answered below, please don't hesitate to contact Lexa.

What should my child wear to dance class?

An Clar Dress Code- Tiny Tots through Prizewinner are required to wear a school t-shirt, or polo, black shorts, poodle socks for girls and black socks for boys.  Hair is to be pulled back off face into a ponytail or bun.  Girls with shorter hair that cannot be pulled back must have a headband

Shoes do not need to be purchased when first starting.  Dancers are more than welcome to wear socks or ballet slippers until ready to purchase shoes.


What type of shoes do I purchase?

All dancers start in light shoes; Girls- Ghillies Boys- Reel Shoes.  When ready to purchase shoes speak with Lexa regarding what brand is best for your dancer.  

Based on each dancer's progression in class, Lexa will speak with the dancer's parent when the dancer is ready to purchase heavy shoes.  These shoes can only be purchased when Lexa has decided the dancer is ready to start these dances.

What is a Feis?

A feis (pronounced FESH) comes from a Gaelic word meaning "festival". In the context of Irish dance today, it means "competition".  If your dancer would like to start competing, speak with Lexa first and she will let you know if your dancer is ready.  Dance Schools and other Irish organizations hold these competitions across the country and around the world.  A list of competitions available in North America can be found on our link page.  Speak with Lexa as to which ones are recommended and what level and dances your dancer should be registered for.

What if my child does not know anyone in class?

Lots of children start Irish Dancing not knowing anyone. Irish dancing is a very sociable hobby where children make lots of new friends. There will be lots of children around the same age as your child and he/she will be learning in a fun environment.

When do I need to purchase a School Costume?

 A school costume should be purchased within the first couple of months of classes (New students)

There are 3 Costume Options & Pricing for Girls:

Level 1: Royal blue body suit, custom fitted skirt with Shawl

Level 2: Custom fitted Royal blue Beginner dress with Shawl

Level 3: Custom fitted Full Dress with Shawl


Black Pants, Black Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt, An Clar Vest & White Satin Tie

**Speak with Lexa regarding which costume is best suited for your dancer and how to go about ordering**

When is my dancer allowed to purchase a solo dress?


Solo dresses are not allowed until a dancer reaches Prizewinner level in all dances.

**All solo costumes must be approved by Lexa before purchasing.  This is to ensure your dancer is in an appropriate dress style**

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